Remember when you were young and your grandparents would swim in the cold North Sea and tell you that it was good for you and you laughed at them? Well, you may owe them an apology because doctors and scientists are recognising the benefits of freezing or near freezing temperatures. This new method of pain relief and sometimes the cure is called cryotherapy and it is currently taking the United Kingdom by storm. People are using it for their face, for targeting particular painful areas of the body and the whole body. It is widely available at spa’s and other similar settings.

In fact, there is a cryotherapy machine in Lymm and the bookings for using it are mounting up. People are now turning to this new method of pain treatment that is safe to use under controlled conditions. Here are some of the many benefits.

  1. It helps with muscle pain for keep fit enthusiasts and it works well with joint pain from having arthritis. Doctors have been telling us for a long time to put ice on an injury. Now, we have cryotherapy.
  1. It can aid in the pursuit of weight loss, but not by itself. Being cold makes the body work harder to stay warm and thus burns more calories and thus more fat. Cryotherapy reduces the body’s core temperature.
  1. It helps reduce inflammation and improves general health and well-being. Less inflammation means more protection from diabetes and cancer.

You really should try this new method if you are experiencing any of the above. Call into your local store that has the machine and get some advice.